Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Muncher- Gluten Free Apple Pie

Before I got diagnosed with a gluten intolerance I made all of my pie crust from scratch courtesy of my Grandma's recipe via my wonderful mom! I have not tried making a from-scratch pie crust, yet, but this store bought frozen pie crust was delicious and I highly recommend it! It is from Whole Foods Market and it is their store brand version. This is a picture of the one I liked!

All I did for the filling was cut up 6-8 apples. I peeled and slice the apples, then let them marinate in a mixture of lemon juice (small amount to prevent browning), cinnimon and sugar (however much you want to use to your taste). Once the apples started juicing, I added some sorghum flour (or any non-wheat based flour) to create a thicker juice. This package comes with 2 crusts, so I used one for the bottom. Added the filling mixture after it set for an hour or so. Then I cut chunks of butter in the mixture to keep the apples moist during baking. Next, I carefully turned the second pie crust over on top of the apple mixture and bottom pie crust. I carefully removed the pie tin from the top. Lastly, I took a knife and made little slits in the top for airflow during baking. I don't remember how long I baked it for- I know it took a lot longer than my pies with regular pie crust. I know I baked it at 350 degrees. I baked it until the top of the crust was a gloden brown- I just peaked every once in a while to see how it was doing.  I hope you enjoy the Monday Muncher!

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