Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Muncher: Gluten Free Chex

I have never been a morning person, but since I have started the GF eating I have been eating breakfast more to help give me nourishment throughout the day. I usually have a plastic baggie of this GF Chex Cereal on me at all times- so in case I am ever in a bind and need something to eat, I know I have something that is ok for me to eat all the time. You know those times that your husband calls you on your way home (and you are already starving and thinking about what you are going to grab out of the pantry when you get home) and says "Hey honey, can you go pick up my dry cleaners or the vehicle is due for an oil change and I scheduled it for today" and you are thinking GOSH I am just hungry- well GF Chex cereal to the rescue.

I prefer the plain and the apple cinnimon kind. Here are the pictures of some. There are many GF cereals now, but I tend to stay close to the Chex. No reason really, I just found something I like and stuck to it. I also included a nutrition label for my favorite GF Apple-Chex for you guys to peak at!

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