Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Two Speechie's Tangled on a Tuesday: Carrie's Speech Corner and Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl

Carrie over at Carrie's Speech Corner graciously agreed to do a Tangled Tuesday with me! I continue to get excited for tuesday to come around each week and share with each of you the fun ideas that are out there right now!

I was able to review "Snappy Snapshots: A What and Who Question Game" by Carrie.

First of all, the graphics are GREAT! I like that the answer cards are actual pictures. Therefore, I can use the activity with my elementary students and adapt it to fit my older students as well (with or without pictures).

Here are some pictures so you can see for yourself what a great activity she has created:

It starts off with a very cute title page:

Carrie gives the SLP variations on how to utilize the activity:

Here is an example of the Question Cards:

Here is an example of the Answer Cards:

Overall, my students loved this activity. I used it with my students that I serve in the ID classrooms at my junior high, but this can easily be used with elementary or preschool students as well. I highly recommend this item and it will be very beneficial to your caseload- why do I think that? Because I have kindergarten through 8th grade! I found uses for it with ALL of them!

Variations on how to utilize this activity: I had my students describe the animal (the environment it lives in, the appearance, where you might find them). You could have your students compare and contrast the animals (compare/contrast goals). I made it a listening comprehension task as well: I described an animal and the students had to select the animal that I was referring to. I did the opposite as well. I had my students describe an animal and I had to choose which animal each was describing. I incorporated social skills by having the students describe the demeaner of the animals and which animal each student would be to best describe them! They all thought of me as the Monkey in the activity because I am fun and silly during speech times to keep them engaged. I also used this item as a definition activity using the pictures only! I TOLD you! There are so many uses for this activity for all age groups! Let your creativity roll.....

You can check her activity out in her TPT store here: Snappy Snapshots

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All items reviewed on Tangled Tuesday are on sale today in our TPT stores! So grab them while they are fresh on your mind!

Two Freebies from us- just for coming along!
Here is a freebie from Carrie: Birthday Riddles Freebie!

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If you would like to be a part of Tangled Tuesday, let me know-- either leave a comment in the comment section below, message me on my facebook page or leave a post on my facebook page! I look forward to more Tangled Tuesdays! The next Tangled Tuesday will be with Whitney of  Let's Talk! next Tuesday January 22nd, 2013! Two more freebies will be featured in this post as well!

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  1. Great Review Amy! Thanks for including me in this week's Tangled Tuesday! My kids loved your activity!!!