Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thank Goodness for Mirror-Tic by Teach Speech 365!

Today I am reviewing ITEMS by Teach Speech 365! I fell in love with her Mirror-tic activities and I know you will too! Basically, the student will hold up a card to the mirror to read what it says! She has Mirror-Tic for /R/, /K and G/, Antonyms and Synonyms, and /SH CH and J/ AND Categories!

Thats 5 different sets that you could use for language and articulation! I personally like using one activity for all my groups during the day and this allows me to do that! Here is how I see it- one plan, one day! (if possible- it isn't always possible!).

Here are some pictures from the various activities! I love how the items have pictures also for use with the younger students.

Here is what you do: you need a mirror for all of the activities. Have a student hold the card up to the mirror and it will reveal the word and picture on the card in a way that the student can read easily and state the articulation word! Now you might think: how in the world did she do that? I sure did and I had to play around with powerpoint and such for a while hehe. Such a neat trick that Teach Speech 365 has up her sleeves! She is SO dang creative and I LOVE it! I stumbled upon the first one she made, the /r/ version, and was like WOW that is SO cool (I kinda really fell in love). SO now I have all of them and wanted to tell you all about them!

Here is the Title Page for Mirror-Synonyms and Antonyms!

There is an instruction page with each activity:

 A word list is included with each activity:

 This is an example page of the cards: 9 cards on each page!

Here is an example card from the synonyms card deck:

An an example from the antonyms card deck:

There are even cards with no camera's in case you don't have a color printer!

Here is one of the Title Pages for the /sh/ /ch/ and /j/ version of this activity!

Here is an example card of /ch/ in initial position:

Here is an example card of the /sh/ initial position: 

Here is the Title page for the Mirror Categories Activity:

 Here is the Title page for the /r/ version of this activity:

And again a title page for the /th/ version:

 And yet ANOTHER activity featuring /k/ and /g/:

Here is an example card of the /g/ in medial position:

All of these activities have cute "broken camera" cards as well to make the game a little more interesting =)

I hope I gave you a good idea about what her activities look like so you can make an informed decision on purchases! I am here to INFORM you that it will be a GOOD decision to purchase this product- like ALL of them!

Here is a link to her TPT page so you can go them right now: Teach Speech 365- BUY!


  1. Great activities! I thought they were adorable, but I had no idea that the artic versions had pictures! I may have to go add to my wishlist! Thanks for the review!

    1. You are very welcome! I cannot say enough good things about these activities! My students enjoyed all of them! They are unique and I think thats why they were so appealing to my students

  2. Thank you so much for featuring these!

  3. You are very welcome! Awesome stuff!