Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thank Goodness for Pinterest!

I love Pinterest for so many reasons, but I use pinterest a lot for speech therapy tasks.

I made a pinterest account just for my speech therapy. I make a board for a each specific session that I want to do. 

For example, I will go on pinterest and look for pictures in the photography section. Then I will post ones onto a board that I feel would be good for a "junior high describing session". Then the day of the session, I pull my pinterest board up on my computer and have each of the students take turns describing the photo. 

Another example, I will go on pinterest under the humor section and find "school appropriate" jokes. I put them all under a "Humor Junior High" board on my page. I work on inferencing and social skills by asking "When would you use this joke? With your friends or with a group of adults?" Or I will have the students explain why the joke is funny using good grammar skills and good sentences. 

This is just another easy idea for you to incorporate into your speech sessions. There are many ways to incorporate items that are already available into speech sessions! I encourage you all to be creative with what you already have available to you! 

What are some ideas you have that is already available to almost everyone? Don't be afraid to use Pinterest as a therapy activity in itself- like I did!

Just FYI- I am not going to give out this pinterest page out- if in the future, I feel it is more "safe" I will, but until then I will keep the pinterest page private. Thanks for your understanding.


  1. I love pinterest! I get so many great ideas from it. I've been in education/speech for 12 years. I wish we had pinterest when I first entered this field!!

  2. Those are some great ideas! Thanks for sharing! I am always pining a variety of things for therapy.

    I also use books as therapy materials. They work for articulation, language, inferencing etc. As the students have to read to met AR goals they usually have one in their desk or backpack that is their reading level. Or I pull out one of my own for therapy.

  3. I am new to Pinterest but I see great potential to use it, especially for sequencing activities. I want to find crafts and recipes that may interest my students and have them put the steps in order before we make them. I also want to send recipes home with the kids to make at home after we put them in kid friendly terms.

  4. I use Pinterest for the idea boards, but also as a place where my parents can go for ideas they can use at home if they follow my boards. I have recently become more specific in the boards I create...otherwise my SLP board is crazy overloaded :)

  5. I love Pinterest for craft ideas! It also has some amazing recipes. I love the idea of having one for parents to get ideas from!!

  6. I get some of the best therapy activities and ideas on pinterest. Don't know know I would do without it sometimes.