Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thursday Thank Goodness for......Dropbox App Review-

Dropbox is one of my favorite apps for life- I use it for everything. Basically the app allows you to view and save any kind of file you would life- whether it be a document, picture or PDF file. I like it most for being able to view PDF files on my iphone and Ipad. Another nice convenience is it allows you to have access to all of your files that you place in your dropbox from any computer you would like. So if I add a picture of my family on my dropbox from home, then when I go to my grandma's house I can use her computer to show her the picture or I can pull it up on my Iphone =)

Ok here is how to get started. First go to and make an account. Everybody gets 2 GB for free. Believe me I did not think that was very much, but it goes WAY further than you think.      

Here is what the looks like.

Create an account using this screen here. 

This app contains many features to make it so user friendly. First of all there are many ways you can put your information in dropbox. You can add your files via your computer, phone and you can even add something to your Dropbox from an e-mail you receive. The easiest way to upload your items is from an actual computer. I just copy and paste an item from wherever it is stored on my computer to the folder I would like it to be placed in under my Dropbox. You will find that the more you play with it, the more you will learn about how to best utilize the app. I took pictures of 2 ways to add a file to your Dropbox- but there are more than these 2 ways to add an item.

1. This is an example regarding how you can add something to your Dropbox from an e-mail. All you do is right click on the attachment and select Dropbox as your place to store it! Its that easy!

2. You can also upload something to your Dropbox using the upload feature. I uploaded a picture of one of my activities from the My Photos section of my Iphone. 


Now if you decide you don't want the item in your dropbox anymore, then just delete it. Easy right?

Another great feature is that you can share items to social media websites, e-mail and other places right from the Dropbox app. I have shared Freebies like this in the past on my Facebook page. Check it out below. This was just an example, I used Kristine's Monster Speech Item to use as an example.

Now if you use a particular item a lot, you can add it to your favorites. The one downside to Dropbox is that it requires Wifi to view all of your items. HOWEVER, if you put something in your favorites you can view the favorite items while you are offline! Awesome! So when I work in my medical settings, I can use all of my WALC books on my Ipad! The green check mark means it is completely loaded. It would have a blue circle with 2 white arrows going in a circle if it was still loading the document into the Dropbox.  See below.

This means it is still loading the item into your dropbox. 

If you have any therapy books that come with a CD. You can put the PDF version of the book ON YOUR IPAD or IPHONE. It is a miracle and I promise it makes you a more versatile therapist. I use my PDF version of my therapy book in conjunction with the GlowDraw App. I will write a review about how I do that later on. It is the coolest thing ever and my kids love to do worksheets now!

Now I use my Dropbox for all of my school and medical speech therapy stuff, but it has many other functions. People add photos on here, copies of important documents and other things that might be useful on a daily basis that you might want at your fingertips. Coaches at my junior high use it for keeping schedules on their device. If the parent asks "when is their next wrestling match" The coach states, "here let me e-mail you the schedule" and can do it right there on the spot! 

I am telling you, I cannot even say enough about how much I love this app. Try it out today. If you sign up for dropbox, be sure to add my name as a referral source. I get free space by doing this and you get free space too. I have acquired 3 more GB of space by doing their different referral things like: post to Facebook and receive 500 MB of free space. There are many ways to get free space. I think I have like 2.9 GB total of space now.  I can check to see how much free space I have by going into the settings section. It will tell me how much percentage of space I have utilized already. You can even put a password on your Dropbox app to keep it secure if you put important information on there. 

Thank you for reading my app review on Dropbox. This is my Thursday Thank Goodness for Apps post for the week!

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