Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Two Speechie's Tangled on a Tuesday: Teach Speech 365 and Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl

Thanks to Teach Speech 365, I have another fun activity to share with you for Tangled Tuesday! Today I will be reviewing "Unlock the Key Words". I had so much fun using this with my students and I hope you benefit from this review, then go buy her product! There are 45 slides in this activity- yup thats right 45!

Here is the title slide in a picture format:

Here are the instructions to the activity:

There is a game board that comes with the activity!

There are two versions included: The 1 Sentence Version and Answer Cards

And a Purple Version with 2 Sentences and Answer Cards

Now How to Play:  I used this game with my junior high students as written in the instructions of the activity packet. I laminated each card and cut them apart. I had the student use a dry erase marker and underline the key words in the sentence(s) and then they had to compare their answers to the ones on the answer key card. If they got all words correct, they got to roll the dice and move on the game board.

Alternatives for how to use the game: As always, since this is my specialty, I would like to share with you how this activity can be adapted to fit all kinds of goals in your caseload. 1) I had my students do the exact reverse of the game. I read the student the words on the card aloud in random order and had the student create a sentence using all of the words- much like what we see on the OWLS test. 2) I used this activity as a reading comprehension/listening skills activity using only the statement cards. 3) I used this as a carryover activity for articulation. 4) I used this as a labeling "parts of a sentence" activity. I hope this helps give you an idea of all the ways this activity can be adapted and fun!

This is a link to her blog page where you can see a review of my "Peanut Butter Jelly Figurative Language" and a FREEBIE from me: http://teachspeech365.blogspot.com

Remember, both of the items featured in the reviews are on sale Tuesday in our TPT stores! Grab them while they are hot!

Here is a link to her activity on TPT: Unlock the Key Words

Here is a link to a FREEBIE from her: Functional Language Freebie!

Here is a link to my activity in my TPT store that she is reviewing on her blog: PB and J Figurative Language Activity

If you would like to be a part of Tangled Tuesday, let me know-- either leave a comment in the comment section below, message me on my facebook page or leave a post on my facebook page! I look forward to more Tangled Tuesdays! The next Tangled Tuesday will be with Carrie's Speech Corner next Tuesday January 15th! Two more freebies will be featured in this post as well!

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  1. I love Teach Speech 365's materials. I truly think they are some of the most creative materials for SLPs on Teachers Pay Teachers. This and the "Mirror" activities are so much more than stimulus cards with a cute picture on them. Thanks for sharing this on your blog Minor SLP. I better make room on my wish list.