Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Two Speechie's Tangled Together on a Tuesday: Home Sweet Speech Room and Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl

First of All----Happy New Year Everyone!

Today my blog is Tangled Up with Carissa over at Home Sweet Speech Room. It was a pleasure working with her and I know you will love this activity as much as I did (and of course my students =) )

Today I am reviewing New Years Sequencing by Home Sweet Speech Room!
Here is a picture of the title page- Very Cute!

This activity is neat-o because there are 3 activities in this packet! Thats a triple bargain!
The areas included are: Expressive Sequencing, Order of Events, and Fill in the Blank. There is also a fun game board that is included with the activities!

Instructions/Title pages to all 3 of them can be viewed below.

Here are some example cards of each of the activities for a preview:

Expressive Sequencing Card

Order of Events Card
Fill in the Blank Card

With each activity, there are blank cards in case you want to create your own cards to adapt to fit your own caseload. This is an example of one of them. There are blank cards for each section.

I played all of the games with my junior high students, but this can easily be utilized with the elementary population as well. I played the activity by the directions. My students liked BOTH the game board version as well as the "who has the most cards at the end" version. She has many various New Year's themed activites in her store that would go great with this activity also, so check them ALL out =)

Alternative uses of the activity for elementary and junior high students: My specialty! You could play this many different ways for elementary students. You as the clinician could tell the sequence and the students have to choose which card goes with that sequence stated (inferencing, problem solving). You could use this as a carryover activity for students with articulation goals (articulation, oral communication, voicing). This activity is inherently a problem solving activity if you use the Fill in the Blank cards (problem solving). You could use the Order of Events cards for repeating sentences (auditory comprehension, listening). You could use the Fill in the Blank cards as an auditory memory or comprension task if the events on the card are read by the clinician (auditory memory, auditory comprehension).

This is a great activity and I recommend it because it has so many uses! Be sure to check out her blog for a review of my activity "Triple Threat: Multiple Meaning Hat Activity". My item and her item are on sale for Tuesday and Wednesday and during the sale below so grab it while it's hot! http://homesweetspeechroom.blogspot.com There is also a FREEBIE from me on her site here too!

You can grab this activity on TPT here: New Years Sequencing
You can grab her freebie here:  Heart Freebie

Here is a link to my Triple Threat: Multiple Meaning Hat Activity: Triple Threat: Multiple Meaning Hat Activity

Here is a link to a freebie from me: Fact and Opinion Freebie

Eat some pomegranate seeds- they are consumed by the Greeks for Good Luck on New Years (per my friend)

If you would like to be a part of Tangled Tuesday, let me know-- either leave a comment in the comment section below, message me on my facebook page or leave a post on my facebook page! I look forward to more Tangled Tuesdays! The next Tangled Tuesday will be with Teach Speech 365 next Tuesday January 8th, 2013! Two more freebies will be featured in this post as well!

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