Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Two Speechie's Tangled on a Tuesday: The Speech Bubble and Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl

Tangled Tuesday continues! Today I have joined blogs with The Speech Bubble! I am reviewing her 56 page document "Receptive Language Circus"! It has cute graphics and since I collect clowns and I am extra in love with the clipart!

I took a lot of pictures for this review because there are many areas of this activity to feature!

 This is the title page to the activity!

Following Directions Title Page

One Step Directions Example

Two Step Directions Example

If-Then Following Directions Example

Contingency Component Following Directions Card

WH Question Title Page

Example Cards:

 There is also some cute incentive cards included!

Listening Comprehension Title Page

Example Cards (long versions and short versions):

Inferencing Title Page

 Inferencing Visual for teaching:

Example Card:

Predictions Title Page

Prediction Visual Page:

 Prediction Example Card:

There is not much to explain because the activity features SOOO many activities that target many different goals! I love being able to purchase one thing and use it with all of my groups for the day. This activity can be transformed into an expressive task so easily too. I had played it where I picked a card and did the 1 step direction or 2 step direction and had my students verbalize what I was doing! I made it a sequencing task as well.

The inferencing portion was amazing because so many of my students have trouble with abstract thinking and I was glad to have something I could pull out of my pocket to target this area.

I liked the listening comprehension activity best because all of my students are in need of this area!

The WH questions I used as a receptive and expressive language task. I just LOVE when an activity is moldable into another activity that I can use. SO even though this activity targets receptive language it is EASILY transformed into an expressive language activity too!
Overall I recommend this activity and I think it would be a great addition to your speech rooms because it was a great addition to mine! I really liked how there were posters to explain what an inference was or how to make a prediction. This helped a lot when teaching this area to my students. I always try to use a multi-modality approach to teaching my students, so this helped me out tons!

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  1. Very cute! Love the circus theme. Thanks for sharing!